Beatriz Olabarrieta

Hi Isauro – 

I set myself a clock to answer to the questions within 5minutes no editing see what came out and here it is >

To start from the beginning, What was what first interested you in art? 

One day may have started by falling and the bleeding knees the broken jeans, my grandma changing her fake teeth, that pain so death, sex, repetition, the salt when playing ball games and when I wasn’t able to find the keys

What is the importance of the art history in your work? Do you admire works or artists that influenced your ideas about art?

History filters its way for example now Egyptians are back

What are the artist that you like nowadays?

I know it when its there, changing all the time

What is the process of developing your work like?

Obstacles are usually the trigger

How would you define your art?

Today is Sunday 26th of April, 2015 at 17.04 and I am typing from the Norh East of England, Europe 

Also was listening to techno such loud headphones on!

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