Alexis Dahan

mayo 14, 2015

To start from the beginning, How did everything started for you? What was your first approach to the arts?

I was exposed to art a an early age in a lot of different ways, museums visits, art classes in pre-school, mother’s boyfriend art dealer, father painting on sundays, etc.

But I do not believe anything started with these first experiences.

You are using the word “approach” which describe a precise movement in space that is initiated by the subject.

I suppose that if you are asking what was the first bridging that I initiated toward art then it will have to be three years ago when I “willingly” started learning and reading about american conceptual art of the 60’s.

What is the importance of the art history in your work? Do you admire works or artists that influenced your ideas about art?

Art History is essential in my work as I believe art history is an evolutive form of knowledge, you cannot become a part of it if you are not somehow in dialogue with the artists that made it before you.

What are the artist that you like nowadays?

I like very much the work of Pierre Huyghe, Gabriel Orozco and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

Did your work receive influences from other disciplines?

It does of course. 

At best, artists that are only focused on the “art discipline” can become good craftsmen and at worse, zombie formalists.

What is the process of developing your work like?

Like cooking a meal you don’t know the recipe.

How would you define your work?

It is not for me to define, all I can do is trying to make it on time.

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