Marco Braunschweiler

febrero 12, 2015

To start from the beginning, What was what first interested you in art? What was your first approach to art?

I got into art through making skateboarding videos and that was my first approach.

What is the process in the development of your work?

I work formally, starting with shapes, textures or signs and use that as a container to evince meaning. I make photographs and videos using history, poetry and literature as a generative space. I read, and write to figure out what a body of work is then I fine tune that into a system and finish the work. 

Is it cinema important for your work? What was the last movie you saw that you liked?

Yes as I make films and printed works. Chung Kuo, Cina from Michelangelo Antonioni .


How would you define your work outside art? What type of book or literature would be?

If I defined my work outside of art I would say it’s writing. I’d love for it to be poetry but I think it’s more like short essays or didactic texts… 


How do you proceed regarding the handling of materials and resources in your art production?

I choose materials that are familiar, readily available and have a good energy.

What is your definition of art?

Anything done well.

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