Simon Gabriel Greenberg

mayo 14, 2015

14 mayo 2015

To start from the beginning, How did everything started for you? What was your first approach to the arts?

I came to art from writing, so for me everything started with reading, with trying to make sense of words around me. Looking at books in libraries.

That you remember, What were the first works of art that impressed you? Do you remember any artist that impressed you?

When I saw E.E. Cummings poetry around 10 or 11 years old. That was a huge one, to be able to visualize language in that way. I was also really into native american art as a kid, kachinas and masks and fetishes, things like that.

What are the artist that you like nowadays?

There’s many. Coming to mind first… Camille Henrot, Seth price, Pierre Huyghe, Ben Schumacher.  

What is the process of developing your work like?

It’s a lot of things falling into place with only minimal intervention on my part.

How would you define your work?

To define it would be to neutralize its potential.

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