Victoire Barbot

To start from the beginning, How did everything started for you? What was your first approach to the arts?

I think everything started when I could be able to hold a pencil in my hand and start to draw.

It has been the best way for me to express myself, way before to use language.

About sculpture, my first approach has been probably in kindergarden school when my teacher gave a block of stone and some tools to digging it.

Quite small, I was already fascinated by the objects collected by my family, the analytical drawings of my grandmother.

What is the importance of the art history in your work? Do you admire works or artists that influenced your ideas about art?

The art history is important for me to understand where I am, and inevitably its study allows me to put words to what I do. Of course, it influences but what is excitant.

Of course, I’m looking for it. I look more than I read, I watch a lot, online, in museums, galleries, but first of all around me. This is the best influence.

Art history is important to know where I am going, to make words about what artist are doing, is it really important for me, I don’t know.

I have a practice of a collector, I collect materials to make assemblage; I do lists; one of them, is a list of artists that I look at. It’s such a big list, Robert Rauschenberg (the Jammers serie is uuuuu), Joseph Cornell, Robert Filliou, André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Lawrence Weiner, …but also Henri Matisse…

I can’t stop actually. 

Oh! and El Lissitzky drawings for sure.

What are the artist that you like nowadays?

Should I Make a scan of this list?

Thea Djordjadze, Gedy Siboni, Abraham Cruz Villegas, Helen Mirra, Lisa Holzer, Andy Coolquitt,  Annette Kelm, Marlie Mul, Callum Innes, Uri Aran, Ian Law, Olga Balema, Sarah Tritz, Manfred Pernice, Artschwager…

What is the process of developing your work like?

It’s definitely a process.

First I watch, then I collect, I assemble, I balance, I hold, I draw to fixe the action, and I tidy up, I order, I stabilize, and I redraw again, recently I pack, I built, I represent.

First step is under control, simple gesture. It is an art of experience.

How would you define your work?

Sensibly Methodical.

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